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Curious history of Italy: ten little known facts about gladiators
italian breaks

Life in Italy

The Italian way to work productivity
history of italian cuisine

Food Articles

The History of Italian Cuisine II
leonardo da vinci


Leonardo da Vinci
history of italian cuisine

Food Articles

The History of Italian Cuisine I

Food Articles

Reliabitaly: a new way to recognize authentic "Made in Italy"
Buffalo wings and pretzels italy


Finding the Italian where you least expect it: Buffalo wings and pretzels
san galgano


San Galgano and the original sword in the stone
curiosities Italian food

Food Articles

Five curious facts about food in Italy

Food Articles

Is any place better than Eataly?
Average: 2.3 (11 votes)
carnival venice masks
Pictures taken while walking around Venice during the Carnival
carnival italy
Carnevale is one of the most colorful celebrations in the world. In Italy, we are serious about it
festival sanremo
The most important Festival of Italian Music since 1951 is on stage this week
italian masks
Italian maschere for Carnevale
carnival food
Several typical recipes are linked to and served during Carnival time.
curiosities Italian food
A series of "did you know that..." curiosities about food in Italy
carnevale vocabulary
Here is some vocabulary to help you getting straight away into the right atmosphere of CARNEVALE!
Fabrizio de André
The strength and energy that came out of his words will be remembered forever
vulcano sicily
A hike to the crater of the volcano and a mud bath make the perfect day trip
Eataly has become a household name all over the world
vesuvius national park
Millions of visitors are attracted to the Vesuvius and Pompeii every year
agrigento almonds
Between February and March Agrigento hosts two festivals almonds-oriented