Top Italian Unresolved Mysteries Part II

Samuele Lorenzi

One of the most recent homicides to shock Italy was the murder of a 3-year-old boy, killed in his parents' bedroom. The crime was all the more shocking because the family lived in a very peaceful town in Val d'Aosta in northern Italy, where the crime rate is close to zero and everyone seems to know one another. The only suspect was the child's mother, Anna Maria Franzoni, who was eventually convicted. In ligh of the conviction it could be assumed that this mystery is solved, but there are still many unanswered questions about the dynamics of the situation and the motivations for the murder. The child's mother has always maintained her innocence, as has her entire family, including her husband with whom she had another child after the murder.

According to Anna Maria Franzoni she left her son, Samuele, alone for only a few minutes in the early morning while getting him ready for school. While the logistics of the house and the surrounding area mean that an intruder was a possibility, there was no evidence to suggest forced entry. The child's mother is extremely convincing in her public interviews, so much so that many have posited that she may have blocked out the memory of the murder completely, to the point that she doesn't know that she's lying.

The case is very sad, not only because of the obvious tragedy of Samuele's death, but also because of the light it shed on cases of infanticide by mothers, something that is becoming more widely discussed. While the trial has pronounced a verdict, there are still many questions surrounding this case that captivated so many Italians.


Emanuela Orlandi

Emanuela Orlandi

The mystery of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of a Vatican employee, goes back to 1983. The young woman was last seen in June of that year and seems to have literally vanished without a trace.

Emanuela Orlandi

After her disappearance Italy was filled with posters featuring her face, newspapers and TV talked about it for years, but the truth about what happened to Emanuela Orlandi remains unknown. Many speculate that her disappearance is related to the scandals involving the Vatican Bank and the attempted murder of Pope John Paul II only a few years after the mysterious death of John Paul I.

Poster of Missing Emanuela Orlandi

Others have said Orlandi was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring that sold her into slavery, or the Roman mafia, but these ideas have led nowhere. A simple and tragic explanation was that someone kidnapped and killed her and then hid the body. Unfortunately, at this point, it seems her family will never know the truth.



Sunday, March 04TH, 2012 by Guest

the first photo is not emanuela orlandi but mirella gregori...she is also missing from rome since 1983

Sunday, March 04TH, 2012 by Guest

The 10 questions:
1)emanuela orlandi,15 years old,citizen of vatican city,daughter of hercules(ercole) a messnger of the pope,student of a secondary school and a music lover,she was taken away from her family on the 22nd of june 1983.In the previous months the SDECE(the french secret services)had launched an alarm about the impending seizure/kidnap of a vatican city citizen.WHY DID THE HOLY SEE AND THE ITALIAN STATE(MINISTRY OF THR INTERIOR,POWER OF ATTORNEY,INVESTIGATIVE BODIES)UNDERESTIMATE OR DENY THIS ALARM?

2)Three months after the seizure an agent of the sisde announced to the family:"Within the next 15 days we will return emanuela to you,i advise you to bring her outside rome in  peaceful place because she is tired and stressed".
He then denied that he ever pronounced these words.WHAT DID HE KNOW OR WHAT HAD HIS SUPERIORS TOLD HIM?

3)On Christmas eve 1983 Pope John Paul ll,during a vist to the Orlandi family home,said to the family "Emanuela's story is case of international terrorism".WHAT ELEMENTS WERE IN HIS POSSESSION?WHAT DID HE KNOW?WHY WAS THIS LINE OF INVESTIGATION LATER BURIED AND FORGOTTON ABOUT??

4)Why wasn't the pope who was later beatified,who was able to knock down the walls of Berlin and have millions of admirers and faithfuls,NOT ABLE TO KNOCK DOWN THE WALL OF SILENCE AROUND THE SEIZURE OF AN INNOCENT GIRL,ONE OF HIS CO CITIZENS OF VATICAN CITY?

5)The tapes with the telephone calls between the kidnappers and the secretary of state to ask for ALI AGCA in exchange for Emanuela are missing.WHY DID VATICAN CITY REJECT ALL THE ROGATORY LETTERS FROM THE ITALIAN STATE AND SYSTEMATICALLY DENIED THE COLLABORATION FORESEEN BY THE LATERAN PACTS.
6)A senior official of the vatican surveillance,ten years after the kidnapping,on the eve of his questioning by the Public Prosecutor asked his superior how he was to behave,these are his orders:"do not say anything about the things you know....especially don't say that the thing has gone to the Secretary of State ... ".The conversation was intercepted.Is it true that this official,investigated for reticence has obtained the citizenship of Vatican city and is still in service in the Holy See?.Why haven't the Italian prosecutors and the Vatican itself never explained this fact?.7)In august 1983,Emanuela,according to two witnesses,was brought to Alto Adige(northern italy)and from there onto Germany. Following these reports an investigation was opened with four suspects for kidnapping,among whom an official of the SISMI, brother in law of the owner of the farm where Emanuela was seen entering.Why was this inquiry never announced?.Based on what evidence they arrived at the acquittal in 1997?8)Why in 1997 was it decided  not to grant an extension to the investigation into the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, and on the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II?.9)Why didn't the lead on the "Banda della Magliana"(a Roman criminal group) passed in front of public opinion as decisive in the case,not bring concrete results even though we are talking about it since 2008?.The only suspect jailed (for other reasons) has since been freed.10)Why for years is the Public Prosecutor of Rome(after having announced it several times) delaying opening the tomb of the Magliana boss, Enrico De Pedis called "Renatino",unexplainably buried in the Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Rome?