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Italian Fashion: Quality, Elegance, Comfort & Fantasy

On February 12th 1951, Giovanni Battista Giorgini, an Italian of noble origins that worked as an Import expert for many American Department Stores, organised the First Italian High Fashion Show in his house in Florence. The show was meant to promote Italian fashion and in the invitation letter women were asked to wear only dresses by Italian stylists. During the show, American buyers (that were in Europe for the Paris show that had taken place just a few days earlier) could notice how Italian products, though cheaper than the French ones, were not inferior or less interesting. This event is by many considered the beginning of the Italian Fashion as we know it. 

Italian Fashion: Fantasy and Elegance


Fashion in Italy means a lot of things, but as the title suggests, quality, elegance, comfort, and fantasy are its four cornerstones. Probably in that exact order with quality and elegance always coming first.

Italian men and women like things to last, and their choices in fashion reflect this. They would only buy clothes that are good quality, remain stylish longer, and are comfortable enough to wear on various occasions. A touch of fantasy or a dash of whimsy is not unwelcome, and have become quite an indispensable part of Italian clothing over the past few decades.


Milan Fashion show
Italian Fashion Show


Being stylish in Italy is not an option, and in some towns more than in others. The last fashion trends are followed scrupuloously, from the youngest age to forever. 


These characteristics of Italian fashion have made it the world leader in various streams of la moda, be it men's fashion, women's fashion, beauty and make-up, or fashion accessories. Italian style has begun to rule the world, having first conquered it in the middle of the last century. The "passerelle" in Milan set the rules and are the most important in the field. Some of the most powerful fashion houses now call Italy their home.


In the Fashion category, Life in Italy will keep you updated in the latest and the best that happens in the world of Italian Fashion.


Introduction by Damyanti Ghosh

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Monday, February 2, 2015 - 13:15
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