25 Sexy Italian Men- II

Some of Italy's Sexiest Men
Some of Italy's Sexiest Men

Italian Sexy Men: Christian Vieri to Alessio Boni

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Christian Vieri

Christian Vieri is again a great Italian footballer, and as mentioned in the last part of this article on sexy Italian men, Italians do love their footballers. Born the same year as the celebrated Italian football captain Fabio Cannavaro, Vieri is a tall, strapping sportsman who has had his share of success on and off the field.

Christian Vieri has played in two World cups as part of the National team, and also for various prestigious clubs with record fees. No surprise there, as he comes from a football family. Both his father and brother are football players.

Though he recently retired from active sport, Christian Vieri continues to draw the public eye as a sexy male celebrity in Italy. He has been linked at various times with television personalities Melissa Satta and Elisabetta Canalis, and remains one of the favorite Italian footballers of our time.

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Stefano Accorsi

From sexy Italian footballers, we move towards contemporary actors in Italian cinema, who are carrying the legacy of Valentino and Mastroianni with panache and grace.

A man considered the epitome of sexiness by many Italian women, Stefano Accorsi is a renowned Italian actor, born in Bologna in 1971. He has played the part of the iconic Italian sex-magnet, Casanova, in the TV film Il giovane Casanova by Giacomo Battiato, and the casting was spot-on.

Accorsi is worshipped by many women for his sauve good looks and his urbane, accessible charm, but he is not shy in the acting department either.

He has won various awards, notably the Coppa Volpi, the award for best male performance as the Italian poet Dino Campana in the film Un viaggio chiamato amore (A Journey Called Love). He is engaged to the French supermodel, Laetitia Casta.

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Raoul Bova' s piercing eyes are as much of an asset as the rest of him. Women around the world drool over this hunk who at one point was known as the sex symbol of Italian cinema with his Una storia italiana, a TV movie, and later Piccolo grande amore by Carlo Vanzina.

Raoul Bova

Among other things, Raoul Bova appeared with Madonna in 1999 in a commercial for Max Factor. He also photographed for a nude artistic calendar in 2000, for the Italian magazine Max. This cemented his sex-icon image. To, at least in part, free himself from it, Bova took on serious roles in cinema, like a terrorist in Rewind, an Austrian officer in La frontiera and Saint Francis of Assisi in Francesco, only to name a few. Instead of cooling the ardour of his sexy-image fans, this only fanned it further.

Raoul Bova was linked for a while to actress Romina Mondello, but is now married to Chiara Giordano, a veterinarian. A proud father of three, he has espoused various social and environmental causes. The world continues to consider him sexy: he stood 13th in E! Entertainment's list of World's Sexiest Men, 2008.

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The young Kim Rossi Stuart

Winner of the best actor award at the 2009 Valencia film festival for the movie Questione di cuore by Francesca Archibugi, Kim Rossi Stuart is one of the best known names of contemporary Italian cinema. Born in 1969 in Rome, this blue-eyed Italian actor was a handsome boy-next-door, only he had the infallible Italian charm to go with it. Coming from an acting family (his sister Valentina, and father Giacomo are actors), he started on the acting journey at the tender age of 5.

His early work was in TV productions like Fantaghiro, but he hit paydirt with Il Ragazzo dal Kimono d'oro and the film Poliziotti. His eventual stardom came in movies like Senza Pelle and Al di la delle nuvole.

He debuted as a director with "Anche Libero va Bene" at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.He was engaged to actress Veronica Logan.

Kim Rossi Stuart, older


A beautiful young Greek god with an infectious smile in his twenties, Kim Rossi Stuart at forty has become a sophisticated man about town. He wears a curled-lip cynical air and has a sort of leonine, brooding presence that makes him one of the most desirable men in Italy.

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Alessio Boni is another well-known actor whose versatile ability to change his image has brought him much success and the adulation of many Italian fans. He can be all cynical elegance and sexual prowess one moment, and gracious, approachable and almost fragile the next, making him the favorite of many cinegoers.

Alessio Boni

He has not had much formal education, and acting has really been the mainstay of his life since an early age. After much training in Italy and Los Angeles, he launched upon a career in television, with telefilms and series like Dopo la tempesta, La donna del treno, Incantesimo and L'altra donna to name but a few. Success came with La meglio gioventù, and he has not looked back since on his way into the hearts of Italian women, who are fascinated by his curiously sensuous mix of strength and fragility.

The sexy Italian men you have looked at so far are mostly sexually appealing for their looks, their attitude and their charm. All actors and footballers, known for their work as well as their appearance.

It helps that they are mostly devoted brothers, fathers and sons, lending another layer to their attraction. In the next parts of this article, we would look at a few more Italian actors, famous singers, an Italian entrepreneur and some TV personalities from Italy.


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By Damyanti Ghosh, November 2009