The Island of the Rich and Famous
The Island of the Rich and Famous

Beach in Capri
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If you love spending some time in a relaxed and calm surroundings amidst natural scenic beauty, then Capri is one of the best place to consider. Capri is one of the most beautiful island destinations in South Italy found close to the mainland of the Bay of Naples. In the earlier times, it used to be a favorite spot for the Roman emperors where they used to have their villas on this lovely island. Ever since, it has remained a favored destination among the tourists who flock this place in large numbers every year.


Observatory deck in Capri
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Places to see around Capri


The Faraglioni

You can come across some of the best natural wonders of Capri and catch a glimpse of the three blocks of rock that have managed to survive all kinds of landslides, sea erosion and other atmospheric conditions. Stella is the largest rock measuring upto 109 meters and the other two such as the Faraglione di mezzo and Scolopo measure 81 meters and 104 meters each. The most famous and rare species of Faraglioni are the blue tinted lizards found on this island.


The Faraglioni in Capri
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The Blue Grotto


The Blue Grotto is known worldwide for its majestic size and its amazing waters with deep blue tones emanating silver light created by the lovely reflection of the sunlight. This wonderful grotto is about 50 meters long and over 30 meters wide and can be reached either through a bus or taxi starting from Anacapri or using a boat from Marina Grande. This is one of the must visit attractions of the island of Capri known for its magnificent beauty and natural splendor.


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Natural Arch

One of the most fascinating monuments created naturally is the Natural Arch located at the corner of Capri. This Natural Arch can be found some 30 minutes away from the center towards the South Eastern side of this island. You can come across amazing rock formations here consisting of two pillars measuring about 12 meters wide with a height of 18 meters. This place is one of the major tourist attractions that offers a breathtaking view of the lush greenery and scenic beauty of this island.



A natural Arch in Capri
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Punta Carena

On the far southeastern side of the island of Capri, there is a prominent lighthouse erected during 1866 and the second most vital lighthouse next to Genoa. During the summers, there are lot of bathing facilities provided here along the terraces with iron steps to gain access to the waters. Besides, this is one of the favorite spots of the tourists to spend a day or enjoy a nice evening with resorts available here for entertainment.


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The Piazzetta

The Piazzetta is located in the center of the island of Capri and is visited by locals and tourists offers a beautiful view of the Monte Solaro from the white columned terrace. Besides, it is one of the happening spots where the 1950's and the 1960's Dolce Vita love scenes and scandals of Hollywood settings. This place is the heart of the island city, where you can come across the social life with open air cafes along with bars thrive with lot of people. The Clock tower is also an important monument not to be missed out in this place.


Seaside in Capri
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Eating and drinking in Capri

Capri offers some tasty cuisines for the delight of the visitors where one can find lot of seafood and fish based dishes. Stuffed Calamari is one of the delicious recipes of Capri prepared in a traditional manner and found among most of the popular restaurants in the city. Besides, Ravioli made in the Capri style which is a kind of homemade pasta is also one of the well-known dishes here. Another traditional recipe found here is the Caprese salad made using fresh basil leaves with fresh tomato slices. Meat dishes are made using wild quail with some special sauce prepared from wine. The traditional caprese cake made using chocolate and almonds is also one of the tasty desserts found here.


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Getting to Capri

There are plenty of good ferry services available from Naples and Sorrento to reach Capri. In addition, there are also hydrofoils starting from Molo Beverello and Molo Mergellina. Besides, there are also bus services running from Naples Capodichino Airport to Molo Beverello as well. You can check for the departure timings when you arrive at the port to get access to the ferry services for traveling. You may also take a trip to Sorrento as the route is not much long and there are plenty of ferry services available for the daytrippers.

Capri can be easily reached with good connectivity through air and train services from across all the major European and Italian cities.


Grotta Azzurra in Capri


Hotels and Accommodation

If you are planning a trip to Capri, then you can find a wide range of accommodations to suit your budget and preferences. There are five star luxury hotels to the two stars and the single star ones where different kinds of comfort level can be experienced. You can also consider renting some of the villas available in Capri, if you want to enjoy an extended stay with your family. Besides, there are also plenty of Bed & Breakfast Inns available here to suit your budget needs. If you are traveling as a backpacker alone, then you can also try the camping options using a tent or a caravan.


Beach in Capri


Shopping in Capri

Capri is a good place for shopping where you can find lot of luxury boutiques and shops selling from everything right from souvenirs to freshly made fine. One of the famous things to buy from there is the Capri sandals and the extra virgin olive oil along with the popular canvas and cord shoes. There are also plenty of silk and wool fabrics along with sweet smelling perfumes sold across different stores. There is also a famous essence laboratory in Capri, which makes special perfumes using special herbs and spices preferred by popular fashion icons and stars such as Madonna, Halle Berry and Naomi Campbell.


Peculiar roof in Capri


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