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Milan's Best Restaurants

Top Restaurants in Milan
Top Restaurants in Milan

Milan's best restaurants

Milan in Italy is known for a lot of things. Thousands of tourists visit Milan each year to visit the numerous attractions in the city, to see the beautiful Piazzas, the ancient churches and cathedrals and to enjoy its marvelous cuisine. Known as the fashion capital of Italy, Milan is also a city that has plenty of good places to eat.

The restaurants in Milan are over-the-top as well as simple and rustic. There are so many places to dine out in the city that most visitors get confused with the number of choices they have. Given below is the list of the best places to dine out while in Milan:


  1. Ristorante Da Giulia- Ristorante Da Giulia has been a very popular restaurant since years now. The restaurant offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a special twist. The cooking here is home style and rustic and the restaurant believes in serving good quality food. The best things to try here are the simple pasta dishes; the home made desserts and the fresh fish dishes.

  3. Antica Trattoria Della Pesa- The restaurant is known for its chic interiors and the savvy crowds that it attracts. Although quite expensive, those who are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion can definitely come here. The restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes in a gourmet fashion. Food here includes dishes like polenta, risottos to airy soufflés and pears poached in wine.

  5. Chocolat Milano- A very popular place among the chocolate lovers, however, those who are weight conscious must definitely stay away. The restaurant is paradise for those who have a sweet tooth. The restaurant serves everything chocolate; they specialize in chocolate gelatos in different flavors. They have some interesting mixes like chocolate in balsamic vinegar, anise and cinnamon chocolate and even basil and lemon. They have an endless variety of chocolates, milk as well as dark and they also serve a few light snacks.

  7. Bebel's Ristorante- Bebel's Ristorante is both smart and casual and attracts a lot of journalists and fashionable crowds in the city. The restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes, pizzas and quite a lot of Lombardy dishes. They have a variety of cheeses, cured meats, salamis and their specialty is grilled fish dishes along with perfectly made risottos.

  9. Torre di Pisa- For those who love Tuscan style cuisine, Torre di Pisa is the best place to visit outside of Tuscany. Located in the trendy Brera area of Milan, Torre di Pisa serves some good varieties for quite inexpensive rates. Some house specialties to try at the restaurants are antipasto misto, penne alla puttanesca, battuta ala senape and the Fiorentina style steak. Meat is the specialty of the restaurant so any meat based dish here is delicious. The lemon sorbet with a dash of vodka is the perfect way to end the perfect meal.


  11. Shambala- Shambala is located at Via Ripamonti and is a Vietnamese restaurant that is designed in a 1920 style with silk cushions, dim lights and candles. The restaurant is famous for its authentic Vietnam cuisine and serves some great sea food dishes. They have delicious appetizers, spicy rolls, filet mignons, vegetarian dishes, stir fries and sea food platters. There is also a good cocktail collection. Shambala is quite expensive, but for those who love Vietnamese cuisine, this is definitely the place to come.

  13. Alla Borsa- Alla Borsa is known to be the best place to have tortellini in Milan. The place offers a unique experience with season based menus and is run and managed by old local women. The ingredients used are very fresh and the dishes are simple but very delicious. Tortellini is of course the best thing to have at the restaurant, other than that spinach with ricotta and the pannecotta with seasonal fruits is also very delicious.

  15. Enoteca Decanter- Enoteca Decanter is located in Sempione and would be loved by all those who love beer. This is a restaurant built around the theme of beer. It has a huge list of beers that they serve. Additionally, they have their own brewery from which they serve their own beers. The menu here includes dishes that use beer in the recipes and makes for quite a different gastronomical experience. Beer tasting sessions are also arranged, but advance reservations would be required.

  17. Trattoria Milanese- Trattoria Milanese is located on Via Santa Marta and is a 75 year old restaurant that has a relaxed atmosphere. The dishes served here are hearty, rustic and unpretentious and the portions are generous. Some good dishes to try at the restaurant are zampone with lentils, risotto Milanese, Mondeghili and foiolo; and for dessert zabaglione. The various rooms at the restaurant which are lined with the communal tables tend to get quickly filled up with business men and women at lunch time who flock here everyday to get their share of home style cooking.


These are the top 9 restaurants in Milan, do you want to suggest number 10? Milan has a wealth of restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, bars and delis that serve good food. On almost every corner visitors would find gelaterias that serve delicious gelatos on hot summer days, outdoor cafes that serve good varieties of coffees and light lunches and several pizzerias that serve freshly made pizzas that Italy is so famous for. Milan is all about good food, hearty proportions and delicious desserts; as long as visitors come here with an open mind there are plenty of options to be explored.

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