Vibrant Capital of Sicily
Vibrant Capital of Sicily

View of Palermo

Palermo is the capital of Sicily in Italy and one of the biggest cities in the country. Palermo is unique in its own right; its raw pulsating energy cannot be matched by many cities in Italy. Being in Palermo would feel to most like being in a treasure hunt since most of the city's jewels lay hidden, and that's what makes it so precious since not many tourists know about some of the best places in the city. Palermo has had an evocative history, part of which can still be seen and felt here in the people as well as in the places.


Getting to Palermo

Being the capital of Sicily, Palermo has one of the biggest airports in the country. The Palermo international Airport has flights connecting to most places in the country as well as in Europe, which makes it very easy to reach the city. Regular trains also run to and fro between Palermo and other cities in Sicily as well as to Rome and Naples. Bus services are also quite comfortable and regular. Ferries are available to Palermo from cities like Genoa, Naples, Malta and other neighboring ports, ferries are usually quite inexpensive and run at regular intervals each day.


Moving Around Palermo

Fountain in Palermo

One of the best ways to move around in Palermo is by the public buses. The public buses are regular, inexpensive and cover almost the entire city. Tickets can be bought from one of the many ticket offices throughout the city. The best thing to do would be to buy a 24 hour pass which would allow visitors to travel to any location through the day. Moving around the city on foot is also quite pleasant and easy since most of the attractions are located in and around the center of the city. Taxis are also available for those who do not prefer buses.


Attractions in Palermo

Catacombe dei Cappuccini

The Catacombs of the Capuchin are located near Piazza Cappuccini and has more than 800 different mummified people who were previously residents of Palermo and the neighboring villages and towns. Some of the mummies are quite well preserved, and except for a few people who might find it a little morbid, most would find it a very interesting place.

Palazzo dei Normanni

The ancient palace built by the Normans in Palermo during their rule is a must visit. The sheer size of the palace is breath taking and the architecture and design is simply beautiful. One of the best things to see inside the palace is the Royal apartments and the mosaics in the Cappella Palatina.

Cappella Palatina

This charming chapel is located on Piazza Independenza. The chapel has several beautiful mosaics that are worth appreciating; the chapel remains mostly peaceful and is not very crowded.

The Gesu Church

The Gesu church's construction was completed in 1633 and it is known to be the most architecturally important church in the city today. The church has marbles used both on the floors as well as on the walls, which is believed to have started the famous Baroque style of architecture in Sicily for which it gained international importance.

The Cathedral

Cathedral in Palermo

The cathedral has been standing tall in Palermo since centuries and its fame comes from the fact that Frederick II, Barbarossa's son who died in 1250 has been buried at the cathedral and his sarcophagus has been dyed in the imperial purple color.


Monreale is a small village located 8 km from the city. The little village is located on top of a hill and provides excellent views of the city beneath as well as the ocean. The charming little settlement is the perfect place to experience the real Sicilian culture. The cathedral located here is one of the best places to visit, its extensive mosaics and beautiful interiors are quite breath taking.

San Giovanni Degli Eremiti

San Giovanni Degli Eremiti is the ruins of an old church at a very peaceful location. The ruins are surrounded by a beautiful garden and although there is an entrance fee for the attraction, its well worth it since it isn't much crowded and visitors can spend hours peacefully exploring the location and relaxing in the gardens.


Stay and Accommodation

Palermo is a fairly large city so there are plenty of options in terms of hotels, resorts and accommodation facilities. Visitors can find high range as well as low budget hotels, however, during tourist seasons most hotels tend to get packed so advance reservations would be recommended. If you are looking for high end hotels some of the best options would be Excelsior Palace hotel, Grand Hotel et des Palmes Palermo, Hotel Residenza D'Aragona and Hotel Villa Igiea Palermo. Budget hotels are also in ample numbers as are the Bed and breakfasts. There are also quite a lot of villas and apartments on rent if you are planning to stay long in the city.


Square in Palermo

Eating Out in Palermo

Palermo has a large number of restaurants, bars and cafes that serve everything from traditional Sicilian food to international cuisines. Some of the best things to try out while in Palermo are fresh salads, paninis and traditional Sicilian food. II Proverbio, Al Chioschetto and Antica Focacceria S. Fransisco are some of the best known restaurants in the city that serve traditional Sicilian dishes. Apart from these there are plenty of fast food joints and restaurants serving international cuisine.


Shopping in Palermo

Palermo has plenty of shopping venues where visitors can buy almost anything they wish for. There are modernistic shopping malls selling international brands as well as local colorful markets. Some of the best places to shop in the city are the street markets at Vucciria and Piazza del Carmine. These street markets sell a variety of locally made products and handicrafts at a surprisingly low cost. The old markets in the alleys of the old quarter of the city are also worth a visit, these markets have a feel of a Middle Eastern souk, left behind from its day of the Arab rule.