Weddings in Italy

Wed in Italy
Wed in Italy

Visit Romantic Italy for Weddings and Honeymoons


Newly weds in Venice


As more couples seek interesting locations for their weddings, romantic Italy is attracting people for its beauty, ambience and fine wine and food. Italy is traditionally a land of love and romance and is a spot your invited wedding guests are sure to enjoy visiting. The people of Italy are friendly and welcoming, proud to sponsor weddings and honeymoons and to start the new lives of couples in love. Italy is one of the most beautiful and temperate countries in the world. The breath-taking scenery of its different regions offers stunning sightseeing opportunities to please even the most discerning travelers. In addition, Italy is home of some of the greatest works of art ever created. Where better to declare your love than surrounded by the beautiful works of Florence, Venice and Rome?



Lovely locations for weddings abound in Italy. The historic churches, town halls and other landmarks can be used to set the perfect day for exchanging vows. Many of these impressive buildings have vaulted ceilings and elegantly painted frescoes, more stunning than any North American architecture. Or, consider an open-air ceremony on the coast or in a vineyard adjacent courtyard. For those who prefer the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city, Rome offers churches dating from the modern to the Byzantine era. The Italian countryside is filled with villas, gardens, medieval towers and chateaus that may be used for special events. The possibilities for amazing locations are endless.


Wedding setting on Citara Beach in Ischia


Whether you are planning a large reception or an intimate post-ceremony dinner, Italian restaurants are equipped to provide the most sumptuous food and drink imaginable. The many wine regions of Italy produce some of the most popular wines in the world and gourmet food is the norm. Renowned for their innovative wines and cuisine by visitors in recent years, both Tuscany and Umbria are attracting tourists to their vineyards, while still retaining their quaint country feels. Wedding receptions can be successfully held nearly anywhere, from small family-run restaurants to elegant hotels. Look for a view that epitomizes the beauty of your relationship with food that makes your mouth water to know you have found the perfect location for your wedding. While it is traditional in Italy to have a morning ceremony followed by a wedding breakfast, the romantics of this country can accommodate nearly any timetable. On your honeymoon, explore the different flavors Italy has to offer, being adventurous and enjoying the wide variety available.


A couple getting married in Italy takes some time alone in the small alleys of an Italian town


The mild climate of Italy is temperate and calm most of the year. The weather can be warm and filled with sunshine year round. While the winters can have cool and rainy days, Italian tradition deems it lucky for a bride to have rain on her big day. Travel to Italy is pleasant in every month, but if you desire an open air wedding consider avoiding mid-winter. July and August can be very hot and humid, but are still popular travel months with many who are happy to lounge at beaches and sightsee at leisurely paces. See our weather section to see the average temperature in Italy.


For honeymooners and wedding guests, there are countless activities for entertainment in Italy. Not only are there traditional landmarks and museums, but the country offers opportunities for swimming and water sports, horseback riding, hiking, biking, tennis and golfing. The national parks of Italy offer havens for those wanting to commune with nature and some even provide campgrounds for those inclined to roughing it. Snow bunnies may choose to winter in Italy to take advantage of the many ski resorts this country's Alps have to offer. Those interested in geology will want to visit the volcanoes of Italy, including Europe's largest volcano Mount Etna in Sicily. The Tremiti islands offer opportunities for water buffs to snorkel, kayak and fish.


Visit some of the many wineries for tasting and to learn how your favorite vintages are made. For those really into wine, consider a tour that visits multiple wineries. Gourmets can find cooking classes that will whet your taste for Italian cuisine. For fans of shopping Italy offers fine leathers, jewelry, ceramics, glass and other collectibles. Of course, no trip to Venice is complete without the requisite gondola ride. Whatever you choose to do with your time in Italy, it is sure to be memorable as one of the most romantic trips you could ever imagine.