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Italian Wines

Italian Grapevine Vinyard

Italian Grapevine Vinyard

The Italian lifestyle is completed by the famed Italian wines. Some of the most apreciated wines in the world come from Italy and Italian enologists are much sought after from foreign wanting to start a wine production.
Being long and stretched inside the Mediterranean Sea, Italy enjoys several different landscapes and weather zones. Even if the country is relatively small, it can and does produce wines extremely different from each other.
Italian wines are produced by all walks of life; from the multi-national corporations to traditional wineries, to families tending their own vines for the kitchen table. Some like Barolo, Chianti, Primitivo and Est Est Est! are rightfully famous. However you may also stumble upon a vino della casa in a local trattoria that is just as memorable.
In this section learn more about why Italian wines have been praised since antiquity and continue to amaze drinkers today. We will review the most popular types of wine and spill a little secret or two about where, when and how enjoy this delicious and traditional Italian drink.

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Sparkling Wines of Italy
Thursday, March 24TH, 2016 by admin
Italian Sparkling Wines When most people think of Italian wine, they think of the lush, robust reds of Tuscany or the delicate white wines of Piedmont. They don't generally think of sparkling wine…but they should. Italy produces more different kinds of sparkling wine than any other country in the world. In fact, they have been crafting spumantes (literally, sparkling wines) since Roman times, long before Dom Perignon popped his first cork. From the light, off-dry Proseccos to the classic Franciacortas, Italian sparkling wines are varied, tasty, and often quite affordable....
Major Italian Red Wines
Thursday, May 05TH, 2016 by admin
  From lush, deep red Chiantis to light, fruity Bardolinos, Italy produces some of the world's best red wine. Perfect to add extra luster to Italy's rich cuisine, Italian red wines offer variety, quality, and style. Italy has very diverse wine-growing regions. The cool, mountainous northern region of Piedmont produces crisp, austere wines, whereas the sunny, temperate central region of Tuscany yields bold, lusty, full-bodied sensations. Italian wines have a complexity and earthiness that reflects the soil, the unique Italian grape varietals, and Italian winemaker craft. Over sixty p...
In Vino Veritas
Tuesday, April 26TH, 2016 by admin
  Whoever coined the phrase, In Vino Veritas (the truth is in wine) was right on target. With a little too much wine tongues become loose and the truth comes out, whether or not it will set you free. As an admirer of Bacchus and a lover of the white wine grape myself, I am aware of its many pitfalls. It's difficult to think about what and where they are, however, when one is indulging in its fruity splendor. Wine tastes fine almost anytime and life, my friends, is short and getting shorter with every breath that we take. Read on anyway. Whenever I think about wine, image...
Prosecco, Italy's Sparkling Wine
Saturday, April 23TH, 2016 by admin
  Prosecco: dry, lemony, and bubbling, is Italy's answer to refreshing, well-made, sparkling wine. Created from predominately Prosecco grapes in the northern Veneto region of Italy in the foothills of the Alps, Prosecco is light, affordable, and fun.   Prosecco is a sparkling wine that must be served chilled Ph. flickr/Ferruccio Zanone   Traditionally Prosecco was made as a soft, somewhat sweet wine with just a little fizz, but today's Proseccos are dry and very bubbly. Sometimes combined with a small amount of Pinot Blanc or Pinot Grigio grapes, Pros...
Aperitivo in Italy
Tuesday, March 15TH, 2016 by admin
 Customary Drinks Before Meals in Italy   The spritz: a common aperitif in Italy Ph. depositphoto/happyalex   As coffee time, which is one of the main after-lunch ceremonies, in Italy the 'aperitivo' before the evening meal, is absolutely an adequate and enjoyed tradition by the many.   This practice dates way back in the centuries, since the Romans. As a matter of fact the word: Aperitivo, derives from the Latin "aperire" meaning: to begin, or to open. Its purpose: to tickle your appetite and enjoy a moment of relax with friends. The aperitivo...
Chianti Comes of Age
Monday, March 14TH, 2016 by admin
Chianti Grapes   Chianti, once known to Americans only as the ubiquitous red wine in the straw basket, has come of age. No longer relegated to cheap spaghetti restaurants, Chianti is finding its way into some of the country's finest eateries and wine stores. Chianti, a wine and a wine-growing region, however, has a long and rich history within Italy.   History of Chianti   The traditional Chianti bottle   The region of Chianti, located in central Tuscany, has been growing grapes since the 8th century B.C., long before France e...
Matching Italian food and wine
Monday, March 14TH, 2016 by admin
  Wine, cheese and fruit. Ph. depositphotos/belchonock   When thinking of Italian food, it is the color red that dominates people's imagination, tomato sauce and red wine being the first delicacies to come to mind. In truth, and we all sort of know it already, there is much more to Italy's cuisine than that and, also, there is much more to Italian wines than a bottle of red.    Italy is home to delicate, refreshing white wines, bold and powerful or fruity and subtle reds and, of course, to delicious sparkling wines to be enjoyed as an aperitivo or wit...
The Renaissance of Sicilian Wines
Wednesday, March 09TH, 2016 by admin
Somehow in the vast universe that is Italian wine the products of Sicily have been overlooked. Sure Sicilian wines such as Marsala are mainstays in Italian Cuisine and Moscato is a favorite dessert wine, but these two examples are a paltry representative for an island with a wine tradition of four thousand years. Sicily accounts for at least 1/6th of all wine making in Italy, however until recently most of this did not leave the island. Not so today as Sicilian wines are back on the map having a mini-Renaissance thanks to some innovative new techniques employed by some otherwise traditional wi...
History of Grappa
Monday, January 04TH, 2016 by admin
  Grappa: Italy's Elixir   Grappa is a uniquely Italian drink. Traditionally, made from pomace, that is, discarded grape seeds, stalks and stems that are a by-product of the winemaking process, grappa has been around since the Middle Ages. For generations, Italians have sipped this "firewater" after meals and even added a little to their morning espresso, to "correct" it (try to order a "caffè corretto" next time you are in Italy). Once considered an acquired taste, popular only in Italy, grappa, today, is making itself known around the world. D...
Wines of Southern Italy
Thursday, September 24TH, 2015 by admin
They're not household names like their Piedmont or Tuscan cousins, but the wines of Italy's southern wine districts are bold, full-bodied, and satisfying. Southern Italy has been producing wine for over 4000 years. The wine business here was already booming in 2000 B.C. when the Phoenicians arrived. The Greeks dubbed southern Italy "The Land of Wine," and the Romans delighted in the wines of the Campania region. In modern times, however, wine production in southern Italy has languished, and a large portion of wine produced there was sold to France and Germany as a blending wine. All that...