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Designer Jewelry: Arando

Italian Jewelry by Arando

Arando Necklace

Italian jewelry is known all over the world for its astounding ability to find the beautiful in the simple, the aesthetic in the functional. But in our modern times, very few Italian jewelry houses create pieces that are more art than craft. Master Antonio Rando, the founder of Arando, creates timeless jewelry and watches that revolve around universal themes, expressing them according to his own unique vision.

Arando: Handcrafted Jewelry and Watches

Master Antonio Rando at Work

All Arando creations are completely made by hand, be it jewelry or watches. They come in limited editions, every design model is created only 99 times, and no more, which guarantees that only connoisseurs get to buy them.

Each piece follows the highest quality and aesthetic standards. Wearing an Arando jewelry or watch, be it for men or women, is like wearing a sculpture, a piece of art. As Master Rando himself says: “A jewel like a sculpture, a sculpture like a jewel…my sculptures, your jewelry.”

Arando: Themes, Art, Vision

Each year, Master Antonio Arando creates a collection based on a theme, be it togetherness, motherhood, solitude, motherhood, dance or invocation. Through his vision he designs works of art: bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches that capture the mood that inspired him, and would impart some of its energy to the wearer, arousing emotions in him or her. Each piece of Arando vibrates with magical creation, with movement, energy, and magic.

Arando Jewelry: Lovers

Arando: The Creative Process

Arando Watches: Sculptures Keeping Time

Master Rando uses his drawing board to show his team of experienced Italian artisans and craftsmen the concept of a collection, who then try to bring the pieces to life using the most revered of Italian goldsmith traditions.

A lot of research goes into the selection of raw materials, colour, shape, and texture before work on the pieces is begun, ensuring wearability, elegance, and uniqueness at the same time.

Arando Jewelry: The Creative Process

Gold is melted at very high temperatures, and materials added to it in order to change its hardness, colour, and look.

The resulting ingots are melted at very high temperatures and poured into precisely cast moulds.

Master Rando is aware of the quality of the work produced by each artisan at every stage, and a piece is rejected due to the tiniest of impurities and imperfections, at any stage whatsoever.

The old “cire perdue” technique is used in order to maintain tradition and quality. It infuses the work with an emotion that only the most discerning of artisans can give a piece of art while creating it by hand, from scratch.

The final piece is a work of loving art. Master Rando is based in Bergamo, but for those looking for wearable art, Arando is available through outlets in Bergamo, Milan, Venice and Tokyo.

Manufacturing is one of the mixed blessing of our time. While it has made conveniences easily available, it has also created a trend where most of the things we are surrounded with are identical to a million others.

But with Arando, each ring, each bangle, each bracelet, each watch is not only of the best quality possible, it also has a unique, soulful identity. Master Rando brings you art, emotion, sensation, all wrapped up in your watch or jewelry, an Italian family heirloom to be treasured down the years.

By Damyanti Ghosh


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