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Shoes are considered simply a type of garnment, something to wear simply because you need it by those who are not fashion enthusiast. Although some people could regard shoes merely as an unavoidable accessory worn in modern times to walk and protect feet, scarpe in Italy are really important to people in the field of fashion. They represent an additional element to the style and they have their weight in everyday activities.
We already know that women, no matter their country of origin, love shoes and often need a single wardrobe or section where they can place them; however, in Italy men too like wearing fashionable shoes and give importance to them when tailoring their own fashion style.

Several types and models can be found in Italian shops, some are imported but many others in the market follow the precept of the “made in Italy”. Everyone has their own style and favourite type but here is a useful list of some widespread models in order to choose the one you like the most:

italian shoes
Old italian shoes colored in italian colors. Ph. depositphotos/lindom

Models of shoes

Among the different types of shoes you can find in Italian shops here are some useful Italian words you can use if looking for something in particular and want to ask for it:

Scarpa con il tacco: shoe with heel. As regards the height of heel, it can be alto, high, or basso, short. Among the different types the most famous ones are quadrato, squared, and a spillo, similar to stiletto; however, although frequently confused with the tacco a spillo, tacco a stiletto has a wider base compared to the one a spillo.
For those who prefer more comfortable types of heels can buy the tacco a campana or cubano. The first has the base reminding that of a bell and it is wider at the bottom than the upper part of the heel. The tacco cubano is usually made with leather and actually in Italy is not that worn, you usually find this with boots.
For those who do not like heels there are still platforms, zeppe, which have boomed in the last few years presenting also wavy shapes.

Mocassini: mocassins. Usually in camoscio, suede, but also in leather, they are highly requested in the Italian market, especially by men. Several mocassini are manufactered by craftsmen following their family run business and still using traditional methods.

Scarpe sportive: the term sportiva refers to sport. If you ask for this type of shoes you will usually have trainers.

Ballerina: it is not a long time ago since the successful debut of the ballerina, which is worn by a lot of women also at work, but its success never declines as it represents a comfortable but often smart solution.

Scarpa a punta: pointed shoes can always be found in Italy but you can also find the scarpa a punta rotonda, round toe shoes.

Tronchetto: this is the Italian word used translating the English word ankle boots, while tall boots are called stivali lunghi.

Asking for the right size

When going into big shops you will find shop assistants that know about the USA size for shoes but it may be useful to know something about Italian sizes for shoes. Here is the table that can be useful when asking for the shoe size:

shoe size italy

Whether high-heeled, flat or casual, Italians love shoes and there are still competitive and high-quality trademarks in the field of shoes though Chinese competitive is stiff; however, Italian still prefer buying from the authentic Italian market for the quality and genuinity of materials and textile.

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Christine Witton
1 year ago

Italy should ban Chinese products.