Legagate: the scandal of Northern League

Lega Nord Scandal

Legagate: the Lega Nord Scandal

After several years of accusations against the honesty of the State capital, famously christened Roma ladrona, 'Rome the thief',  by some of its leaders, the Lega Nord finally showed its true colors in what can only be considered Italy's own Legagate.

Those who still believed in the party's integrity and honesty were bitterly disappointed  when it emerged some members of the Lega Nord embezzled party funds.

Rome was often accused by the Lega Nord of misusing Italian people's money and even stealing it: today, after a fateful twist of events, it appears some lega politicians have indeed  decided to go with the saying "do as the Romans do" and became themselves ladroni.

Even if the party was founded by Umberto Bossi with the aim of giving an end to the waste of money and dishonest aims coming from the political world, results and facts show that it was pure demagogy.

The scandal

The inquiry has been conducted by the Neapolitan general attorney, whose investigation is based on a series of telephone conversations and wiretaps,  clearly highlight the involvement of the Bossi family in illegal appropriation of party funds. The investigating officer is now examining a whole folder entitled "The Family" which includes a vast quantity of material related to the case on many a member of the Bossi clan.

Umberto Bossi

Allegedly, the Senatur (senator in milanese dialect), has passed money under the counter to the party, but what created the real scandal are some documents showing how Renzo Bossi, Umberto Bossi's son, pocketed some of the Lega's funds, all successively used privately by the Bossi family for personal expenditures, such as house redecorating and restoring.

There is more: non-traceable cash is said to have been donated to other family members and friends, including Manuela Marrone, Umberto Bossi's wife, Riccardo Bossi and several member of the Lega Nord itself, such as  Rosy Mauro  and Roberto Calderoli.  According to the inquiries, the money was all used for personal purposes by the defendants.

We wish we could say this is the first political scandal the country envisages, but sadly this is not the first time it happens. After Tangentopoli and Valletopoli, it is now the Lega Nord's turn to go down in history as the protagonists of yet another squalid Italian pantomime.

Where have all the principles highly extolled by Bossi and his circle gone? That, we may not know. What we know is that funds collected in name of  political ideals, yet again, have ended up in the private pockets of politicians: let's hope we'll soon see them pay back what they owe.

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