Since I have been leading rides in my local area ( Washington DC ) for a few years now with my local motorcycle group and I did lead tours in Italy before, for 2015 I thought to combine the two and lead a ride to Italy.  I come to Italy a few times a year and I keep here my 1200GS so by now I should know a few routes.


My Glorious Past by motorcycle ūüôā


Some Places and Motorcycles in my Life


Touring Italy by motorcycle
Touring Italy by motorcycle



I own a BMW R1200 GS in the USA and one in Rome, Italy. I have been riding motorcycles for many years, and in my youngest days I traveled all over Europe up to Cape North in Norway, in North Africa across the Sahara and in the Middle East. Ok, I’ll stop bragging about it, also because I no longer feel like taking long rides on a bike or with a car. I now enjoy my BMW’s a lot, and I try to see as much of Italy as I can when I am there.


Rolling Thunder 2007
Paolo and Ugo Nascimbeni: Rolling Thunder, USA Ride to the Wall, 2007


In recent years, my friend Alberto took a three month trip with his motorbike to Tibet, crossing Turkey, the south of Iran, Pakistan and India, before reaching his destinantion. 


Alberto and Paolo


These are places I’ve been in my lifetime… There are many more memories that I’ve had while on my motorcycle that aren’t in pictures, but here are some that I remember most.




Crossing the Sahara on my motorcycle


Another shot of that amazing trip


A dear friend, Anna Danza, and her byke.


Another friend of mine, Tiziana Caralli


Anna at Cape North


Classic motorcycle touring


A shot taken near the Red Sea


Tiziana Ciaralli on the Red Sea trip


the Red Sea
Anna Danza in Istanbul


Anna Danza riding through Norway


Italy to mount Ararat on motorcycle
Italy to mount Ararat on motorcycle 2010
Italy to Mongolia on a motorcycle
Italy to Mongolia on a motorcycle
Ecuador 2014
Ecuador 2014


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