The Amalfi Coast
Saturday, August 23TH, 2014 by
Costiera Amalfitana Ph.   The Costiera Amalfitana, or more simply, in English, the Amalfi coast, is an area of Italy blessed with  great natural beauty and diversity. Much of the Amalfi coast's settements were already very much...
Friday, July 25TH, 2014 by
Positano is a fishing village in the Amalfi Coast. According to legend, the village is a love gift from the Sea God Poseidon to his beloved nymph Pasitea. So it can’t be anything but beautiful and for a good reason it’s called "the pearl of the Amalfi Coast". ​ Positano. Ph.
Museums in Naples
Thursday, November 22TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
A guide to Italian museums: the most famous museums in Naples If you like visiting museums, and art is one of your greatest passions, Italy is the right country for you. Italy offers  a high number of museums to discover; they will satisfy the most demanding tourists as they deal with pieces...
Vietri sul mare
Saturday, July 28TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
Situated on the Amalfi Coast, Vietri sul Mare is the first town that tourists will encounter. Often considered the first pearl of a string along the coast, it begins the path that leads to the other beautiful towns of the area. It includes six hamlets: Albori, Benincasa, Dragonea, Marina, Molina,...
Naples becomes the protagonist of America's Cup
Monday, July 23TH, 2012 by Anna De Filippo
Naples becomes the protagonist of America's Cup   After several failed attempts, Naples finally hosted the biggest sailing competition, rightly considered one of the most prominent social and sporting events in the world: the  America's Cup. The 2012's America's Cup has chosen Naples as its...
Telese Terme
Wednesday, October 26TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
Telese Terme: A Samnite Tradition in Campania Telese Terme is a small town in the province of  Benevento, in the region of Campania. Set in the Telesina valley, 60 meters above sea level, Telese is not too far from famous towns situated in the region such as Caserta and Naples, only 45 km away...
Pianosa Island
Wednesday, May 18TH, 2011 by Anna De Filippo
While John Milton wrote about Paradise Lost, if he'd been to the island of Pianosa he'd likely have been talking about paradise found. Pianosa is not just a beautiful island but a unique one--singular in its history and location. Visitors to Pianosa have the opportunity to discover the many...
Vesuvio National Park
Monday, January 18TH, 2010 by
  Vesuvio National Park - The Volcano   Goethe once said once you've seen Naples you can die. Whether or not this is true is, of course, debatable, but what is certain is that one can't appreciate the unique characteristics of the city or its people without taking into account that...
Vallo di Diano and Cilento National Park
Monday, January 11TH, 2010 by
Cilento - Medieval Bridge   Cilento is known to be an outstanding cultural location. It has a large group of settlements and sanctuaries along its mountain ridges which vividly portray evolution of history of the region. It was an important route not just for trade, but also for...
Monday, January 11TH, 2010 by
Salerno - Port and Arechi Castle   The capital of the province of Salerno, in Campania, is the small city of Salerno. Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea on the beautiful Gulf of Salerno, the city is within an easy distance of the dazzling Amalfi Coast. Famous for being the location of the world's...