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Rocco Barocco

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Rocco Barocco: Brilliant Italian Fashion Designer

Rocco Barocco, one of Italy’s most beloved and successful fashion designers, offers a fine taste of Italian beauty in fashion wear, high-end accessories, and perfumes for women, men, and children. An inspirational and highly creative designer, Rocco Barocco spares nothing when designing clothing for the rich and famous. His clothing creations range from casual ready-to-wear to elite evening-wear.

Rocco Barocco, christened Rocco Muscariello, was born on 26 March, 1944 in Naples, Italy. His father was from Naples and his mother was originally from Pozzuoli. Rocco was raised in Ischia. Perhaps he had his start as a fashion designer here, in Ischia, when he acquired a job at the island’s most fashionable boutique, Filippo, as a young man. He also attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti, Rome in 1962, studying fine arts and further honing his talent.

In the sixties, he began in earnest his whirlwind career as a fashion designer in Rome where he acquired a position at the atelier of Monsieur Giles. He also worked as a sketch artist at De Barentzen from 1963 to 1965. Learning the trade at the hands of the best, Rocco Barocco longed for his own line of fashion.

In 1968, he joined a group to form an atelier producing high-fashion collections under the Barocco label but this disbanded in 1974. Rocco later opened his own atelier in Rome and achieved the success and respect for his designs that he so craved. In fact, already well-known for his avant-garde style, he immediately experienced an international surge in popularity, particularly because of the jet set’s immediate acceptance and enchantment with his creations.

Rocco Barocco’s Fashion House, providing high fashion clothing for influential people throughout the world, is located at Piazza di Spagna 81, Rome, Italy. Barocco’s tastes have always leaned towards the daring and bold or over-the-top styles that are craved by so many of the rich and fashionable glitterati.

Rocco Barocco delights in using black, black and white, and optical effects in his line of fashion wear. In fact, Rocco exults in repeating his creative patterns throughout fashion lines, creating somewhat of a defining moment for himself. Moreover, Barocco pays exceptional attention to the detailing and design of each of his creations, and this has made him deservedly famous.

Rocco Barocco has had a long line of famous customers including Ursula Andress, Countess Claretta Agusta, Claudia Cardinale, Laura Antonelli, Liza Minelli, and many others. In fact, Liza Minelli was instrumental in bringing the fashion creations of Rocco Barocco to America. Today, Barocco designs are exported throughout the world, most notably, France, Japan, and the United States.

Rocco Barocco Creations on the runway, Fall 2008

Rocco Barocco ad

Rocco Barocco’s clearly defined style is creative, glamorous, and avant-garde to say the least. He attempts to challenge the fashion of the day and step beyond the expected and ordinary to create the extraordinary- something every woman deserves. He credits his style partly to his training in fashion at the hands of the very best that Rome had to offer and to the experience he has garnered from the world of high fashion.

Barocco’s long line of sensational products include jeans, knitwear, ready-to-wear, scarves, fashion accessories, leather wallets, leather bags, perfumes, and linens. Barocco’s designs often utilize stripes and spots. The fabrics most frequently showcased in Barocco’s creations are soft and flowing, giving way to an extravagant and luxurious feel.

Barocco fashions are often bold, bright, asymmetrical, startling, and distinctive. Fabrics and details in gold, glittering sequins and exquisite embroidering have held a constant fascination for Barocco. Moreover, Barocco prefers fine fabrics like satins, cashmeres, and crepes to create a soft, sumptuous effect with his designs. He was a major influence in the Eighties, when his use of optical illusion, and black-and-white patterns became very popular.

His contemporary fashions often combine the incongruous, as he chooses to pair strong styles with vibrant colors to create unforgettable fashion masterpieces. Whether his fashions are hinting at masculinity or portraying soft femininity, his styles are always perfection personified with their exquisite cuts, superlative balance, and matchless detailing. The brand epitomizes the words: rigor, humor, audacity, and poetic imagination.

By Susan M. Keenan

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